Do you want to have the real cosplay wigs, is your wigs looks good as the drag queen. The wig is one of the most important accessories. Ensure that your  fashionable wig looks good so you can always look your best. Wigs on the internet are not so expensive but if you are the first time shopping on the internet, you should choose the right on line store. Such as,, the wigs are in low wholesale price and high quality. Plus free shipping, we could really save lots of money.


Tips for wigs choosing:

1) If you are looking for long hair (which is what I currently have) — definitely spend the money on real human hair. I tried several long synthetic wigs (even the “new generation” and “heat resistant” synthetics) and they looked great — for about a month. After that the ends get “knappy” (for lack of a better word) and it gets very, very tangled all the time. The human hair is just like, well, hair. But it is expensive.


2) You don’t have to spend a lot to look great! The wig that I had on in my picture cost $39.99 and I swear I had so many compliments on it — even women wanting to take my picture so that they could show their stylist what they wanted (it was then that I was very tempted to just take my wig off and ask the lady if she wanted to try it on! But, I didn’t want to embarrass my husband.)


3) Benefits of synthetic hair — wash with any mild shampoo, shake out and let air dry. No styling required. It’s Very easy to maintain; the fashion wigs and the cosplay wigs are all in good quality and made of synthetic. Benefits of human hair — look and feel great! Shampoo and style just as you did your own hair.


4) Drawbacks of synthetic hair — not as durable. Can melt or singe with a sudden blast of heat — say, from leaning too close when opening the oven. If your mother accidentally washes your hair in the washing machine, you need drawback of human hair — you have to fix it. If it rains, you have a bad hair day.


5) Drawbacks of all wigs — wind, roller coasters, and water sports create challenges. But, there is double-stick tape for that. : )


6) And finally, the benefits of any and all wigs — you can always have perfect color and highlights!! I am currently a red-head and it looks amazing with my skin!


The very best benefit — once you get past feeling self-conscious — is that you look and feel beautiful .

  • Dec 03, 2018
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